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Bebe au Lait

BéBé au Lait Nursing Covers

The company originally was called Hooter Hiders. However, as their business grew, they felt the company needed a more refined name to reflect the sophisticated elegance and good taste the company strives to embody: Bebe au Lait. The name Hooter Hiders was kept for the already loyal group of happy customers.

We offer 2 brands of award-winning nursing covers, Bebe au Lait and Hooter Hiders. Please note: there is no difference between the brands except for the name on the labels - they are the same stylish, high-quality product. Fabric choices may vary.

A need for a little extra privacy while nursing in public, led to the creation of Hooter Hiders and BéBé au Lait Nursing Covers. Only these Nursing Covers have an open neckline that holds the cover away from mom and baby, allowing eye contact to be maintained.

The open neckline also provides airflow and Mom can see that baby is properly latched, key to breastfeeding success. The neck strap holds the nursing cover in place securely and is adjustable for maximum comfort and privacy

The covers arre available in a number of fabrics and patterns with a total of 32 to choose from.

Premium Cotton Nursing Cover shown in pattern Camden
Organic Cotton Nursing Cover shown in pattern Blush
Premium Muslin Nursing Cover shown in pattern Vintage Stripe
Classic Eyelet Nursing Cover shown in Ivory
Organic Cotton Nursing Cover shown in pattern Avignon
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